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Spring at last

Well, I was beginning to wonder if it would ever arrive but spring is finally here!  The Third Swan is in the water and ready for another wonderful season of warm afternoons and beautiful sunsets.

Lots of dredging activity has been taking place on White Lake as the lake levels reached near record lows.  We have been lucky in our marina as a new break-wall was scheduled to be put in and all the equipment for increasing the water depth was already there, so our marina was done early.  With the new break-wall we decided to move further out on the dock to maintain a better view of the lake. 

I have been doing lots of cleaning since Third Swan was launched.  It is amazing how dusty a boat can get even though stored inside.  But the worst is done and now I just need to put a polished finish on to make her shine.  It feels so good to be back on the water, having a glass of wine with friends (not while underway though) and just relaxing on the aft deck or bridge deck.  There is just nothing else quite like it, and Third Swan is perfect for relaxing! 

Capt. Ron

Boating Withdrawal Symtoms

It is now late in the month of January, the lake is covered with ice and snow and my back hurts from all the shovelling.  I am tired of being all bundled up to keep warm.  All I seem to think about is sitting on the aft deck of the Third Swan, watching the other boats go by while I enjoy a glass of wine with my wife Cathy and friends.

I am attempting to keep up with the projects around the White Swan Inn (our Bed and Breakfast), Swan Cottage (our vacation rental) and now the Swan at Stoneharth, our newest addition to our vacation accommodations facilities.  (Check out www.whiteswaninn to view them all)  In addition I am now taking care of a condominium complex at the west end of the lake.  And beleive me, I have been moving a lot of snow this past week. 

I did see one interesting occurance a couple of weeks ago.  There was a river of ice chunks flowing into White Lake from Lake Michigan, continuing across White lake and pileing up along the far shore.  I was supprised to see it flow in from the big lake as usually the water flows out.  And how it remaind as a river all the way across the lake is a mystery to me.  See the photos below.

I hope soon to be working on Third Swan while she is in the barn.  Intended projects for this year are to do a complete job of cleaning and freshening the engine room.  At some time in her history (before my ownership) someone spilled oil in the bilge.  While the oil is long gone, the grime is not.  I would like to update the sound system as well so all my Jimmy Buffett and my Jazz tunes can be listened to clearly in each cabin.  Each year I learn more about the boat and I need to figure out the wiring systems.  And of course, there is the exterior wax and polishing to do, as well as touching up the varnish and of course, the bottom paint.  Lots to do, and each winter I think there will be plenty of time to do it all.  But there never is.  So here is to the coming spring.  May the projects be done so that we can all relax on the aft deck!  Hope I will see you all then.
     Capt. Ron

Summer's ending?

Summer is ending? Really? Already? It seems like I just finished polishing the Third Swan. How can Summer be done?

Well, it's not, really! Yes,labor day has passed but there are still a lot of sunsets to enjoy. I can't tell you how many wonderful evenings we have had onboard showing our guests what a Lake Michigan Sunset is like. Traveling out the channel where everyone on the channel walls wish they were up here on Third Swan's bridge deck, heading out onto Lake Michigan where the view is un-obstructed, watching for the green flash. Every sunset has been different. Some have been a suprise as the sky was cloudy, but at the last moment the sun pokes through. Pretty cool!

Now the sunsets are coming much earlier in the evening, and the sun is almost in line with the east-west channel enterence. Soon it will be south of it. But the late season sunsets are the best! And soon the trees will be turning, adding their color to the evening.

We've had romantic evenings, fun families, a Vow renewal onboard, wached a Blue Moon reflect it's luminesence across the water. It has been a great summer. And it's not over yet!
The Charter season begins!

Third Swan has been polished up, launched, cleaned and waxed inside and out, officially inspected and is ready for charter. Our first charter of the year is this evening for a Sunset Cruise.

I have had her out on the lake a couple of times this spring, first to check that all the systems are working properly (including the Captain), and then with friends for an evening cruise. We made a short trip of it due to an approaching thunderstorm so we cruised back to her slip and watched the storm roll through from the comfort of the Aft Deck.

It is always such a pleasure to have guests out on the water aboard Third Swan. We get to experience it all anew through their eyes. It is fun to watch them relax as we head out, getting away from the hustle of shore life and on to the laid back atmosphere aboard Third Swan. We can't always have a great sunset, but everyone always has a wonderful time.

So, the season has begun. Come join us!

It's spring!

Spring has arrived, the snow is finally done, and boat launches have begun. My arms are tired! There is a lot of boat to polish on Third Swan. The bottom has it's anti-fouling paint on (there is a lot of bottom to cover too) and I have been putting layers of varnish on the handrails and wood trim. Launch for Third Swan is probably about two weeks away. I am anxious for that first trip out the channel as the sun sets into Lake Michigan, and just the feel of a boat in it's element. A little wine and cheese with friends or an evening dinner aboard with Cathy makes the sore arms worhwhile.
Is anybody out there besides me ready for spring yet? It has been a remarkably mild winter, with very little snow and not much ice either. Every time I look out at the lake and see a patch of open water I want to launch my boat in it.

Third swan is tucked away very tightly at the back of the storage barn. I have been down a few times to do some sanding, getting ready to lay new varnish on the teak trim. Not working on it very fast as I have several model boats to finish up for various customers and winter is the time when the Bed and Breakfast, the White Swan Inn, gets any updates done.

But I long for the feel of a boat in the water under me, evenings having dinner on the aft deck, motoring out to watch the sun drop below the horizon.

Think Spring!

Capt. Ron