dry boat

Well, it is that time of year I both love and dread. I love the fall, with it's color, the waterfoul passing through on their annyal migration south. But it is also the time when the boat takes it's last cruise and gets hauled out for the winter season. Third Swan was pulled out on Wensday, the second of November. Cathy and I had our last evening aboard Tuesday. A wonderful, fairly warm (for November) evening. Glad to say Third Swan's heaters work just fine.

Then Wensday, it was into the hoist and up and out. She still looks huge to me when out of the water or in the storage barn. White Lake Moorings did their usual great job of moving the boat. Now I can begine the varoius projects I hope to complete over the winter. Sanding down the teak rails and making them shine again, getting on new bottom paint, and the never ending polishing!

Next spring there will be a semi-annual dockside state inspection and then we are ready for another charter season. I can't wait!