Summer's ending?

Summer is ending? Really? Already? It seems like I just finished polishing the Third Swan. How can Summer be done?

Well, it's not, really! Yes,labor day has passed but there are still a lot of sunsets to enjoy. I can't tell you how many wonderful evenings we have had onboard showing our guests what a Lake Michigan Sunset is like. Traveling out the channel where everyone on the channel walls wish they were up here on Third Swan's bridge deck, heading out onto Lake Michigan where the view is un-obstructed, watching for the green flash. Every sunset has been different. Some have been a suprise as the sky was cloudy, but at the last moment the sun pokes through. Pretty cool!

Now the sunsets are coming much earlier in the evening, and the sun is almost in line with the east-west channel enterence. Soon it will be south of it. But the late season sunsets are the best! And soon the trees will be turning, adding their color to the evening.

We've had romantic evenings, fun families, a Vow renewal onboard, wached a Blue Moon reflect it's luminesence across the water. It has been a great summer. And it's not over yet!