Boating Withdrawal Symtoms

It is now late in the month of January, the lake is covered with ice and snow and my back hurts from all the shovelling.  I am tired of being all bundled up to keep warm.  All I seem to think about is sitting on the aft deck of the Third Swan, watching the other boats go by while I enjoy a glass of wine with my wife Cathy and friends.

I am attempting to keep up with the projects around the White Swan Inn (our Bed and Breakfast), Swan Cottage (our vacation rental) and now the Swan at Stoneharth, our newest addition to our vacation accommodations facilities.  (Check out www.whiteswaninn to view them all)  In addition I am now taking care of a condominium complex at the west end of the lake.  And beleive me, I have been moving a lot of snow this past week. 

I did see one interesting occurance a couple of weeks ago.  There was a river of ice chunks flowing into White Lake from Lake Michigan, continuing across White lake and pileing up along the far shore.  I was supprised to see it flow in from the big lake as usually the water flows out.  And how it remaind as a river all the way across the lake is a mystery to me.  See the photos below.

I hope soon to be working on Third Swan while she is in the barn.  Intended projects for this year are to do a complete job of cleaning and freshening the engine room.  At some time in her history (before my ownership) someone spilled oil in the bilge.  While the oil is long gone, the grime is not.  I would like to update the sound system as well so all my Jimmy Buffett and my Jazz tunes can be listened to clearly in each cabin.  Each year I learn more about the boat and I need to figure out the wiring systems.  And of course, there is the exterior wax and polishing to do, as well as touching up the varnish and of course, the bottom paint.  Lots to do, and each winter I think there will be plenty of time to do it all.  But there never is.  So here is to the coming spring.  May the projects be done so that we can all relax on the aft deck!  Hope I will see you all then.
     Capt. Ron