The table is set for a relaxing evening
What should I wear? 
Pretty much whatever you are comfortable in.  We do ask that footwear be non-marking and should have a non-slip sole.  It is wise to bring a jacket or sweater as it can be cooler near or on Lake Michigan than you might expect.  If you wish to soak up the sun, there are plenty of spaces available to do so, and there are private spaces to change in or out of a bathing suit if you wish.

What should I bring? 
Bring your camera.  Bring your best smile.

How much does it cost?
Our rates are reasonable.  Family rates can be arranged to allow a family to be able to enjoy a cruise  For a complete rate listing, go to our rates page.
Bring your camera to capture stunning scenery

What about sea sickness?
For a trip around White Lake, there is little or no chance of sea sickness.  When we venture out on Lake Michigan, depending on the weather, things can get a bit rolley.  The captain will do his best to judge the advisability of spending time on the big lake depending on the weather and passengers.  If at any time you should feel uncomfortable, for any reason, please let the Captain know and he will immediately head to calmer waters or return to the dock if necessary.  Your safety and comfort is our first concern.

Food and drink?
We always have bottled water on board.  We usually have soft drinks or bottled iced tea as well.  If preparation time allows, we enjoy providing light snacks or hors-de-vours.  We cannot provide alcoholic drinks, but you may bring your own.  But please, if you do, drink in moderation.  We are still responsible for your safety.  And by the way, ABSOLUTELY NO RECREATIONAL DRUGS ARE ALLOWED ON BOARD.  If the Coast Guard or local Police were to find any drugs aboard, I would loose my captain's license and possibly my boat.

The Third Swan awaitsKids are always welcome aboard.  They are however your responsibility to care for.  Please be aware that quite often kids can move around a boat much faster than adults.  They may not understand, however, the hazard of their movements.  We can provide comfortable life vests if you feel they may need them (adults as well as kids), but if you have vests that they are familiar and comfortable with, bring them.

Bad weather?
We cannot control the weather, only how we react to it and plan for it.  The Captain always has the last word deciding to proceed or not with a charter.  If you are uncomfortable going out in the weather, you may cancel the charter without penalty.  If the captain cancels, any funds will be returned or the charter re-scheduled.  Reasons for the Captain to cancel would be thunderstorms, high winds or other dangerous conditions.